My kids have enjoyed art classes at home producing some wonderful pieces.https://www.activeactivities.com.au/directory/whatbox-creative-197307.html#reviews-section

RW : Private Classes

Andrew is a wonderful art therapist. The residents in our aged care enjoyed his art therapy sessions very much. He encouraged the residents to paint with a focus on learning and enjoyment, rather than on outcomes. This made for a relaxed and constructive environment to explore new ways of seeing and drawing. We will definitely […]

Menarock Aged Care, Camberwell, Melbourne

A Great Teacher. I can see a great improvement in my child’s painting skills after starting sessions with Andrew. Andrew’s approach empowers the students’ imagination and creativity. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a good art teacher. https://www.activeactivities.com.au/directory/whatbox-creative-197307.html#reviews-section

Dilini Eriyawala

I have a very shy 7yr old who loves creating, and with no art programme at school Andrew was a godsend. He has taught her so much, from pencils to pastels to paint, shading, light and dark. Miss 7 puts all these elements into her work and it’s a joy to see. He is constantly […]

Dina. Amazing!

You are the best. Dear Andrew, I was looking for an art class to Nawini(Naz) for a longtime. I wanted to have a teacher who lets Nawini to draw as she wants and support her to improve her own way. Finally I found the correct person. Nawini is really comfortable with you and loves to […]