Public Art Projects

Elim Church Mural

This was painted for Elim church in Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand. The church community, and mainly the church youth were involved in the concept development and early painting. The paintings depict the tree of life, the idea that we each have an angel looking after us, and the belief that the Holy Spirit helps […]

Ripponburn Aged Care Art Competition

Homes across the region were offered two templates from which they could choose. I worked with each home and their staff over a period of a couple of months – all the while having faith that I/we were doing something special.

Happiness House Mural Queenstown New Zealand

Happiness House Mural

Kingsview Mural

Kingsview Primary School in Queenstown, New Zealand. Painted by Andrew Price of WhatBox Creative.

I Buy Therefore I am

‘I Buy Therefore I am’ was a provocative photography and sculpture exhibition highlighting issues of waste management, recycling, and how we care for our environment.

Arrowtown Primary Mural

This mural was painted by the extremely talented students of Arrowtown Primary School in 2014. I facilitated, coordinated, and taught – but they did the painting. It was very exciting to watch magic appear before our eyes. Well done students!

Legend of Kupowai Mural

The mural was painted with the students of Cromwell Primary School. It depicts the story of a local Maori Legend.

Perception Project

A beautiful exhibition exploring how we see the world. My painting is based on some auto-biographical text from Joy Cowley.

Al Fresco Mural

A beautiful little art project made between a local restaurant in Alexandra, Central Otago, and REAP in Alexandra. I asked the children what is in their world. Who doesn’t need giant rainbows and a view of bathing elephants as baby ducks march past.

Recycling Central Mural

Recycling Central Mural

This award-winning mural was painted for WasteBusters in Alexandra, Central Otago. In 2014 it placed 2nd in the Best Professional Mural category in Resene’s annual Mural Masterpieces Competition.

REAP Mural by Andrew Price

Alexandra Mural

These murals at the entrance to the REAP building in Alexandra, on the side of Tin Goose Cafe were designed and painted with the help of the four primary schools, the high school, and two youth groups in the area.

Cromwell’s Award-Winning Mural

This award-winning mural was painted with the students from Cromwell’s primary schools and high school. Students interviewed members of the community, new and old, business owners, and local government in order to learn what makes the town so special. The mural is located at the bus terminal where arrivals to the town are welcomed by the painting.

Chorus Cabinet Art

Painted for Chorus to prevent tagging and graffiti. Painted around the corner from Burt Munro’s garage. I had so many positive comments from passers by and the local community. I even got quizzed by the police and interviewed by Cue TV.

Art Academy CPS

Painted for Cromwell Primary School in New Zealand with their Art Academy students. Paintings depict favorite children’s books and are exhibited in their library, where they spark imagination in young minds by hinting at the magic of reading.

Art2Wear Arrowtown

The QT Creative Kids entry into the 2014 Art2Wear fashion show held annually in Arrowtown, New Zealand.

Central Otago ‘Gold Art Awards’

A region wide art competition that I created to celebrate the talents of all children in the Queenstown and Central Otago region. The competition commemorated 100 years since the discovery of gold; with big prizes on offer and supported by big brands the competition was a huge success with hundreds of applications, but only three finalists, 1st. 2nd, and 3rd. Such incredible talent!

McGregor Gardens Dementia Ward Mural

This painting was done in Packenham at McGregor Gardens, inside their dementia ward. The painting is styled to look like a lounge and view the residents may have had when they were younger. The idea is to enrich the residents’ living space by providing them a view to outside, rather than just a plain door to stare at.