Oakleigh Precinct Mural

I would like to add colour and beauty to the car park wall on the corner of Hanover and Portman Streets with a painted mural. I would like to know your thoughts on the idea.

The Wall as it is now.

A Few Design Ideas…

What the wall could look like.

These are initial design-concepts only and not necessarily the intended design for the mural.

Oakleigh Mural

I hope to instill a sense of what the Oakleigh Precinct is about; family, friends, food, and community.

Let’s paint a beautiful community inspired and driven mural that will help to prevent the meaningless graffiti that degrades the area and does nothing to fuel the soul or engender pride in the Oakleigh community.

This mural will remove the graffiti, make locals smile, and promote the businesses of the Oakleigh Precinct to new visitors and passers by alike.

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