Therapeutic Art Sessions. Book Now!

What-box Creative offers NDIS Art Therapy that can be personalised to your needs.

WhatBox Creative offers NDIS Art Therapy fund-able through the NDIS and can be personalised to your needs.  Message me for information on pricing and booking.

If  you are an NDIS participant we can help you make the most of your plan  and identify your needs to match your NDIS Capacity Building budgets.

The  creative therapy sessions focus on exercising a person’s creativity in a  social and psychologically safe environment. The person’s experience and their creative process precede the outcome.  

The artist engages individuals at their level of ability and they receive a  personalised creative experience as they learn new skills, play with art materials, interact with those around them, and grow friendships. 

In NDIS Art Therapy sessions children receive one-on-one teaching in relaxed and fun private sessions.  What box Creative teaches the knowledge and skills your child needs to be able to represent their interpretation of the world around them. 

During the sessions it is possible to see students come alive; they become engaged in their work, their eyes light up, they feel they can accomplish, and I notice that they can feel the paint and the paper and the colours talk to them, just as the colours talk to me.  It is very humbling and rewarding to be able to enable such joy another person; they become lost in their work and for a moment the world around them disappears.

In individual and group sessions participants are encouraged to have their family, friends, and carers support them.  What box Creative has a holistic approach aiming to provide a positive experience which involves all those surrounding the client.  For you benefit this page can be translated with ease at the top of the page, and our policies on cultural diversity, interpreting and client advocacy, your participant information sheet, and our privacy policy can all be found in the menu at the top of this page under this page.