Public Art Work

Cromwell’s Award winning mural

Best Mural Design – Resene Mural Masterpieces Competition 2014

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Andrew is interviewed by local radio about what mural stands for and why we need public art.
A short video showing who was involved and the process undertaken.

‘recycling Central’

Alexandra. 2015

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The Elim Church Mural – Members of the Youth Church Proudly standing in front of our collective achievement.
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The Al Fresco Mural – Getting local business to support the children of its community.

Burt Munro’s Worlds fastest indian

Invercargill. 2015

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“I had so many positive comments from passers by and the local community.  I even got interviewed by Cue TV – apparently they put the story in their evening news.

I had the best time down there – being out on the street, working in the sun on the side of one of Invercargill’s busiest roads – people were really interested and hospitable. I met so many great characters offering me everything from cups of tea to asking if I would paint their tree!

I think there is a real potential there for recording what people have to say about the work being done – everyone who stopped and spoke to me was appreciative and grateful for the work being done in their neighborhood.”