Mcgregor Gardens care home mural

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I was working on this piece last night at aged care facility. I was amazed to witness first hand the incredibly patience, compassion, and dedication of the staff on duty. Even at 9pm, inside this dementia ward and throughout the rest of the facility, the business of looking after people never stops. As I tried to paint one lady simply wouldn't stay in bed and insisted on thanking me for something – everytime she was put in bed she would get back up and would pace around. Others needs medication to regulate blood pressure, others would talk to me about everything from getting money they are owed to the completely indecipherable. I had headphones on and tried to concentrate on my job, giving time to those, including visiting family, when they wanted to talk to me. I am in awe of the tireless dedication and unconditional love shown by the daughters and husbands I met last night. When they had to leave, the least I could do was to open this door I was painting on and to wish them good night before they return the next day. The work done by staff was amazing as they tried to calm the mania experienced by some residents. These experiences, and what my work creates, is what makes my job so incredibly special; from residents watching me paint, staff and families discussing with me their ideas and thoughts on the painting, to the effect of the work being done in the first place. The fact that something special is being done for these people shows to them and their families that people care, that people want to make he place nice for them. This is my reflection from 2 hours of painting on this ward – I always feel so honoured and privileged to be able to do what I do.

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