Private Art Classes: Online or in Person

Online art classes, or in person restrictions allowing. A complete online art programme that is educational, engaging, and inspiring. Suitable for aspiring artists of all ages.

A typical art programme that suitable for adults and children is below.

Week 1Introduction to sketching & Drawing
Week 2Single point perspective
Week 3Two point perspective (with oil pastels)
Week 4Chalk pastels: basic flower petals and blending
Week 5Introduction to acrylic painting: basic landscape painting
Week 6Basic landscape painting continued
Week 7Introduction to portraiture and drawing faces
Week 8Portraiture: acrylic painting
Week 9Portraiture: acrylic painting – continued
Week 10Illustration & drawing
An example programme only; typical of what is taught initially to new students.

All content is tailored to each student’s interests and abilities.

I also teach advanced acrylic painting and oil painting to gifted children and students of all ages.

For adults, whichever medium you would like to learn or improve on I can help you. My classes are engaging, educational, and inspiring – you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Message me below to ask about prices and availability.

All classes are subject to Covid restrictions. All PPE requirements are adhered to.