Ask Your Mate

“How are you?” The question many of us crave to hear. During this Movember let’s ask those around us; lets ask those men in our life. If you are a guy, ask your mate, ask your colleague, ask your father, brother, and friend. Ask.

But what then? How do you respond to someone who is clearly struggling? What do you say? And how do you say it in a meaningful way?

How do you get past the ‘yeah, nah mate, I’m all good’?

Unconditional love is the answer I believe; love for the person, soul, or spirit before you – whether you know them or not. The person before you struggling could be you one day – wouldn’t you want someone to ask you, to just sit with you, to listen, and to remind you that you matter, to remind you that whatever you are going through, as with everything in life, it is temporary. And validate them, validate what they are saying – don’t try to fix things – just listen and be there. Your presence, your call, your text message can and will make all the difference.

We are taught from the beginnings of our education to put our hand up and to ask for help when we need it. Why do we stop doing this as adult men. Pride and ego get in the way, and the story we have been sold by society; the misconception that as men we are supposed to be strong and to be able to sort out our problems. However, sometimes our problems are not of our own making.

This year continues to be more challenging than ever with Covid not showing any signs of easing up without a workable vaccine. For those men who are already socially and geographically distant from friends, family, and the general public, Covid has exasperated the effects of isolation and loneliness. Add to this mask wearing and the natural but new phobia that anyone not in your bubble is a potential source of the virus, it makes for a bleak daily existence in one’s home and head.

As our emotions and feelings eb and flow our inner voice gives form and power to our thoughts. These thoughts can circulate, on a constant loop, in our heads, and in these times, and in a time when many of us need a helping hand and a kind hand we find ourselves more alone and disconnected from the outside world, more than ever. So how do we break this pattern? How do we stop the tape-loop and the negative internal monologue?

One way is to to practice being present and to distract ourselves. A brilliant way to do this and a brilliant website for this is

For absolute beginners, the art therapist uses art as the vehicle to distracting the mind and finding peace; the creative process is cathartic and gives us a break from our own thoughts, promotes a sense of inner peace, and aims to shift our focus onto a creative endeavour, thus distracting us from our thoughts.

We don’t have to see or be anxious about the whole creative journey, we don’t have to worry and to extrapolate out all the ‘what if’s’, we don’t have to overthink and worry about creating a masterpiece – we just need to believe that we can, one step at a time, embark on such a creative journey with Andrew, the artist.

Some may ask, ‘why would I do that?’ – a more appropriate question is ‘why wouldn’t I, why not?’ – and who knows where it may lead you.

Paintings Spin-Painting

Exciting New Creations

Spin-painting with Oil paints – it’s a great way to make the best mess!


Finished & Framed

Oil paint on board. Untitled. Rimu frame.


Waiting for the Paint to Dry

Oil paint on board. Untitled.


Working on a New Series of Paintings & Design Pieces.

I love opening my paints and getting into it. I have an exciting opportunity to create a series of paintings and to exhibit them. The paintings will be the culmination of several ideas and styles I am already known for.

Be who you are; do your thing.


I’m so excited!

This is so exciting! Working with Peter of Ambrose Heal furniture in Edgware, Christchurch, we are redesigning and reworking the good old spin-painting painting machine. This misused Japanese-style pottery wheel has helped to produce striking and cutting- edge artwork. It has also enabled thousands of children to produce their own masterpieces – that have adorned the fronts of countless fridges and brought smiles to the faces of young artists. Come and have a go at this unique style of painting for yourself this Saturday at 11am at the Xchange in Christchurch, book here.


Spin-Painting with WhatBox Creative

A free spin-painting event at the
Exchange Christchurch (XCHC) Creative hub & Cafe
to introduce WhatBox Creative Art School and Art Therapy. I teach young and old in all mediums, produce murals, and private commissions. You will get to create your own modern masterpiece during this hands on and engaging session. I will be painting for an hour and a half; everyone can join in and make a painting they can take home and be proud of.

Learn more about Andrew’s Spin-Painting and book him for your organisation or event.