Dear All,

In this pandemic please support local businesses; the little guys, the sole traders, your kids after school maths tutor, their gym class teachers, their dance teachers, and their art teacher. Spare a thought for these people who have lost their incomes and whose businesses have been destroyed. 

I too believe we need to control the spread of the virus. But unlike those businesses that employ people, sole traders and art teachers like myself do not benefit from the government’s stimulus package hand-outs.

In this situation, I have lost all my revenue streams. Large events and classes have been cancelled by councils and libraries, NDIS clients have suspended all sessions, and art classes are continually being cancelled.

Additionally, I now face two weeks isolation upon my return to Australia; I am currently visiting home in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Now I cannot teach face-to-face. I cannot earn money and my business is facing total collapse –  I cannot pay my rent, pay bills, buy food or other essential items or services.

I need your help. If you feel my work has benefited you, your child, or our community, please support me to be able get through these tough times, and so I can continue to do my work in our community.

Option 1. 

Give what you can. In exchange for generosity you will receive an original piece of artwork produced by me.

Please visit the link below to give what you can:

Option 2

Purchase a term of art classes in advance. Or buy as many classes as you can afford. 

Please visit the page below to purchase art classes:

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