I develop community art programmes and projects that ultimately shape what children and youth (and the community) believe can be accomplished, either by themselves or when part of a team. My projects engender pride in their community and add to the cultural and social fabric of where they are placed.

My Story

Andrew Price

I have a B.A. in Fine Art and B.Com. in Strategic Human Resource Development and studied adult learning theories, psychology, and learner motivations and styles as part of my commerce degree.

In Queenstown, New Zealand, I ran my own award-winning creative business and art school from 2010 to 2015.

I believe that the leaner-teacher relationship must come first and that educator empathy and dynamism are essential for an effective learning experience.

Whether the student is 6 or 96 years of age, each person is treated as a unique individual, and is met at their level of creative ability.  I believe a positive learner/teacher dynamic is an essential part of encouraging students and participants to ‘have a go’.

I believe the world needs creativity; we all need to utilise ‘creativity’ – regardless of our profession or our hopes and ambitions for our children.  Additionally, the world would be very dull without beauty; who’s going to design tomorrows furniture, cars, shopping malls or towns?

And what of the Arts? Whether musically, or on stage, on screen, or on canvas – who is going to create ‘something’ that emotionally moves us? Who is going to create and is so doing hold  up a mirror to the world that reflects back our culture, our beliefs and our quirks?

To focus on reading, writing or sport is to neglect the many other parts of our dynamic minds and fluid personalities.  Including an arts education or experience is to begin to educate the whole person, and to encourage a more whole and genuine existence.

My Approach

I utilise contemporary academic research to design and to develop community art programmes and projects that promote the need for creativity in all areas of society.

I use my education,

  • to develop and to refine arguments in support of the arts,
  • to design,develop and implement unique creative community arts programmes for children, youth and adults,
  • to develop community arts programmes for students with special needs or those disconnected or disengaged from school,
  • to develop, deliver and to evaluate diversional therapy programmes for the elderly,
  • to produce exceptional site specific public artwork,
  • to develop, deliver and to evaluate professional development for schools and private businesses.

I frequently use my photography and painting work to address social, environmental, and business issues that are critical in the 21st century.

Through face-to-face community engagement and the use of the press and social-media, awareness and education can be promoted and meaningful discussions can be had.


Get in Touch

Ask Me about Specialised Art Programmes, Therapy, or Teaching today.

I believe there is no such thing as a mistake and that integrity is key. I have always consistently produced exactly what I said I would – in class or in the production of public and community works of art.

Call me on 0490 765 618 to learn more about my work and how it could benefit yourself, your organisation, or your child.