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A first-class art education for your child! Call Andrew on 0490 765 618 to book your child’s place in one of Andrew’s creative programmes.

WhatBox Creative Pakenham Art Class
WhatBox Creative Pakenham Art Class

About Me.

My name is Andrew Price and I run ‘WhatBox Creative’ Art School. I teach children, youth and the elderly how to paint and how to be creative.

Furthermore, I offer private lessons in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Additionally, I offer classes at Pakenham Library on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30pm beginning 5th February.

About The Classes.

Children receive one-on-one teaching in a relaxed and creative kids art class.  I teach the knowledge and skills your child needs to be able to represent their interpretation of the world.  Drawing, Pastels, perspective and acrylic painting are taught and therefore help to develop your child’s creativity and self-expression. I meet each student at their level of ability as we build on their knowledge and skills week by week.

The WhatBox Creative art programme aims to be a first-class art education for children. It develops your child’s creativity and fundamental art skills in a psychologically safe context.  Consequently, children feel like they can make ‘mistakes’, that they can take risks, and they can answer for themselves “I wonder what will happen if I do this?”  There is no such thing as a mistake in these classes as children learn to depict how they see the world.

Above all else, whether the student is 6 or 96 years of age, each person is treated as a unique individual in class or therapy, and is therefore met at their level ability and understanding. Fundamentally, I believe a positive learner/teacher dynamic is an essential part of encouraging students to ‘have a go’.

Pastel Class at Library
Pastel Workshop at Pakenham Library.

The Need for a Kids Art Class.

First of all I believe the world needs creativity. We all need ‘creativity’ – regardless of our profession or our hopes for our children. The world would be very dull without beauty, so who’s going to design tomorrows ‘stuff’?

Furthermore, I believe the current focus on reading, on writing or on sport neglects the many other parts of our children’s dynamic minds. Whether the output is for stage, screen, or canvas – who is going to create ‘something’ that emotionally moves us?

I believe art is even more important to the well-being of our children. Their dynamic minds need the freedom to play and to explore and to be creative as they grow. Kids art classes help them to develop and exercise their creativity.


You can Register or call me on 0490 765 618 if you would like to book your child into this creative programme.

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