Creative Art Therapy Sessions for Seniors.

WhatBox Creative projects and sessions focus on exercising a person’s creativity in a social and psychologically safe environment. The person’s experience and their creative process precede the outcome.

I meet individuals at their level of ability and they receive a personalised creative experience as they learn new skills, experience and play with art materials, interact with those around them, and grow friendships.

Participants enjoy a sense of accomplishment from these autonomous and empowering classes that are designed to enrich the lives of those taking part.

My creative work focuses on the skills the residents still have, whilst bringing people together in a relaxed and social setting. My creative sessions put the resident/artist relationship first whilst giving participants the opportunity to connect with one and other.

In addition to my art degree I have a degree in Human Resource Development; psychology and adult learning theories inform my research, teaching practice and shape how I deliver creative sessions. The creative work that takes place is drawn from academic research and focusses on the skills and abilities that the participants still have, rather than those they have lost.

Learn more about what makes my therapeutic art sessions so special in this article I’ve written, Therapeutic Art Sessions for the Elderly

What Businesses are Saying About Andrew’s Work. 

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We have booked Andrew to come to our aged care facility on a regular fortnightly basis to conduct an art therapy class with our residents, ranging from low to high care and residents living with dementia. Andrew engages with the residents and he makes the art therapy sessions interesting, enjoyable and stimulating. Our residents look forward to the next session and are very proud of their creations. We feel fortunate to have Andrew as part of our team.

Trish Lifestyle Manager Willowbrae Aged Care, Templestowe March 8, 2019

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Andrew provides a great art program for our aged care residents, many of whom have a diagnosis of dementia. Andrew engages and interacts with the residents in a positive way, and each week he encourages the residents to simply ‘have a go’ and teaches them on how to add dimension to their art work. The residents look forward to their art activity group each week.

Sharese James Lifestyle & Activities Manager Villa Maria Care Home, Pakenham March 8, 2019